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Access Control Security - Access Control Products and Systems

Need Access Control Security ? offers an array of Access Control Services , Access Control Products, Proximity Readers , Biometrics Products, Keypad Access Control, CCTV security cameras , CCTV Security Systems , Phone intercom Systems, Door Phones and more. In addition our Access control security company offers security guard and patrol services for a home, office, building or residential community.

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Access Control Security in the industry is defined as the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, security guard, security officer, security concierge or receptionist); through mechanical means such as locks and keys; or through technological means such as a card access system, biometric systems, proximity cards, security gates, keypad readers, intercom systems, CCTV video surveillance, Remote CCTV Video Surveillance Services, and other access control systems….. Buy Access Control products online at:


Our security company and access control division offers Access Control Systems and security camera systems (CCTV) for numerous security related applications. We offer a variety of access control proximity readers, gate access, security gates, security barriers, keypad readers, biometric systems and more which are ideal for use in any situation which requires access control security. These access control systems and access control security software is perfect for use in shopping malls, corporate buildings, factories, warehouse security, retail security, Hotel security, Residential Security, condominium Security, Apartment Security , sporting facilities and other locations that require access control to restricted areas or CCTV video surveillance monitoring services.

Our Access Control Services division carries a wide range of numerous wholesale access control products, access control services, CCTV surveillance systems, hidden cameras, internet surveillance cameras, DVR systems and security camera systems for both retail, commercial and industrial solutions. Other access control products we may sell or install include, security gate installation, biometric finger print readers, RFID tags, loss prevention security products, EAS tags, and more.

Contact us today for free information or quote on our access control products or security camera system installation. For info call us at : (800)743-2313  or (305)264-7878.



Everyone’s view on security with regard to perimeter and building access control has changed drastically after the tragic terrorist events of September 11. Today clients may control access to their entire building or home from a central location. Use the distinctive signature of biometric thumbprints, proximity readers, keypad readers, or iris scans to identify authorized visitors to your facility or business and record their every day to day arrival, departures and movements on the computer via our access control software.

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Our security agencies access control division will assist our clients to design and install Access Control System or install CCTV video surveillance system in a home or building. Install or buy any of the following access control products:

(All Access Control Products can be integrated with your current security system or access control system.)


* Biometric Systems
* Perimeter Security Systems
* Building Security Systems
* Proximity Readers
* PC Based CCTV Surveillance
* Card readers
* Card Access Systems
* Gate Access Control
* Community Access Control
* RFID Retail Tags
* RFID Retail Sensors
* RFID Retail Alarm Towers
* Key Pad Readers
* Coded or Keypad Entry
* Phone Intercom systems
* Internet CCTV Surveillance
* CCTV Video Surveillance Systems
* Remote access control
* Access control systems
* Corporate access control
* Perimeter Access Security
* Parking lot access control
* Photo ID badging
* Remote CCTV Monitoring Services
* Employee Attendance Recording
* Visitor Management Systems
* Walk Through Metal Detector
....and much more Access Control Products

Definitions of some of our Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems can range from a simple keypad next to an entry area, to magnetic card readers, proximity devices all the way up to multi-door PC Based network CCTV system providing clients with a total control and CCTV security monitoring of sensitive areas of the clients business premises or home. Contact us now for info on our Access Control Products, perimeter security systems and building access control systems.

(See access control product details Below)

Coded or Keypad Entry

Coded Entry is probably the easiest and cheapest form of Access Control System currently available in the access control and security industry and provides access using a commonly known code, or in more sophisticated systems by a personal identification number (PIN) known only to the individual user or client.

Proximity Readers

Proximity readers on the other hand, require only that the user waves a plastic Id badge, key chain tag,  or small plastic token in front of an access control proximity reader. The plastic Id’s can also be carried on a wallet or any Id holder. This type of security system and access control is similar in operation to that used in many shops to detect shoplifting. Because there are no moving parts or slots that can be tampered with access control systems and access control proximity systems offer the ultimate solution for access control while protecting and securing external doors and entrances. The Access Control Systems are highly vandal resistant and in many cases the proximity reader can be located within the protected premises, offering an even greater level of access control physical security and physical protection.

Card Access Systems

Card Access control systems require that anyone who has access to a particular area carries about them an access control proximity card or an access control swipe card. Swipe cards as the name suggests, requires that the user swipe the proximity card through the proximity reader to gain access. Some swipe systems incorporate access control numeric keypads for added security and safety.


Biometric Systems

Thus far, Biometric Systems are probably the most secure method of access control in a high security environment. The access control Biometric Systems operate by distinguishing the personal attributes of the person using the access control system, such as fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, or retinal scanning.


PC Based Systems

As with all “Access Control Systems” the key to effective Access Control Security is good management. An access control system which can be programmed centrally through a standard desktop PC offers the ultimate management solution. PC based access control systems give the operator an overview of the security of the premises. The access control systems can incorporate any of the above devices and media types in one simple to manage system, print reports on who has access and who has been into a particular area. Access to particular areas can be granted by security level or only during specific time periods. In the event of a fire or other emergency an override facility can be programmed to unlock all doors automatically to ensure the safety and protection of the occupants.

Whatever your requirements, our Miami Security Company, Miami security guard services and access control services can design and install an Access Control System or CCTV video surveillance system or security cameras to provide you with the very best security to your problem.

With our building access control systems, perimeter security and other security solutions, our access control equipment offers clients reliable technology and installations. Our store has great business relationships access control companies and local access control manufacturers. Our shop has a myriad of innovative security solutions and technologies that are affordable. Our company may sell and install complete secure access solutions and building access control systems. and our Security store also provides biometric access control, intercom phone systems, card swipe access control and other security products and equipment used in a home, condominium, gated community, home, apartment building, parking lot, restaurant, warehouse, executive office, sub-division or complex.  We may integrate or install access control in Miami, Pompano, Lighthouse point, Cape Coral, Carol City, Clearwater, Clermont, Clewiston, Delray Beach, Goulds, Green acres Hobe Sound Islamorada Jacksonville Florida Jupiter Kissimmee Lakeland Lantana Lauderdale Lakes Leisure City Marathon Key Marco Island Naples North Fort Myers. Hire Investigator or security guard services in Palm Beach Gardens, North Lauderdale Sarasota Oakland Park Orlando Palm Bay Tallahassee Pompano Beach Sunrise, Plantation Southwest Ranches, Parkland and Tampa Fl.

Buy and Install Access Control today in a residential property, community or commercial facility through our affiliate security companies in Florida, Puerto Rico, New York, Los Angeles, California, Dominica, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Antigua, Anguilla, Aruba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Belize, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Japan and Mexico D.F

Other Cities, States & counties access control manufacturers, providers, suppliers, retailers and distributors may install Access Control Equipment Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale , West Palm Beach , NJ, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, NY, NYC, New York City, Chicago, Indiana, Indianapolis, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, NC, North Carolina, OH, OK, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, Arizona, Phoenix, Arkansas, California, LA, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Colorado, Connecticut , Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Georgia , Idaho, Illinois, Boston, Michigan, Detroit, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, NV, Nevada, NH, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin , US United States and nationwide. Review our access control website or contact our Florida security Agency for information on our perimeter security systems, building access security, residential access security and more from our local security company in your area.

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