Private Investigation Services, Private Investigations, Private Detective Agency
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Private Investigation Services, Private Investigations, Private Detective Agency

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION SERVICES offers PRIVATE INVESTIGATION SERVICES, Video surveillance, undercover operations, video surveillance services and due diligence investigations. Our Private Detective Agency is the premier source for domestic, civil, corporate and insurance fraud investigation services. Our licensed private detectives and surveillance experts deliver the utmost in professional investigative services and information gathering nationwide. All of our trained private investigators will discreetly conduct investigative services, database record searches and obtain the information you may need on any person or business. All private investigation and surveillance services are totally confidential and affordable.

Our Private Detective Agency investigate cheating spouses, marital infidelity, adultery, corporate theft, employee background checks, insurance fraud investigations, personal injury investigations, locate missing persons, skip tracing and other investigation services to verify  the identity, reputation, conduct, affiliations,  movements, and whereabouts on a spouse, employee, claimant or any person. Need to investigate an employee, wife, husband, lover, business partners, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, relatives, debtors, claimant, witness or other person? Our private investigators can get you the proof and evidence needed fast. Our PI’s are experts in cases which involve; domestic, civil, corporate and fraud investigations

All Private Investigations are conducted by licensed detectives and professional investigators who are experts on information gathering, covert video surveillance, due diligence and more. Our PI’s will get you the information; proof and evidence our website and call our detective firm now. Our Investigation service clients include private citizens, insurance defense attorneys, personal injury attorneys, workers compensation lawyers, private corporations, bail bondsmen, process servers, government agencies, private detective agencies, security guard companies, private investigators and the general public.

Private investigation involves a several different Detective Services which are specific to your case. Private Investigation Services and undercover operations include: Surveillance , Infidelity / spouse checks , child custody Investigations , civil, criminal, & domestic Investigations , Locate Persons, Mate Screening , Security Consulting , Workers Compensation Investigations , Personal Injury Investigation, Bodily Injury cases, Personal Liability , Witness Statements, background checks, skip-tracing, obtain recorded or sworn statements , GPS Vehicle Tracking, hidden video cameras, bug detection services, divorce investigation, spousal surveillance, Installation of security cameras / CCTV , electronic eavesdropping countermeasures (De-Bugging) , due diligence - skip trace , pre-employment screening , tenant screening ,pre-marital investigations , nanny background check , database record searches , litigation support - trial preparation , recorded statements, child custody , investigations , child neglect investigation , criminal investigation , insurance fraud , Workers Compensation Claims, Corporate Investigation ,
Competitor Intelligence Gathering and more from our detective firm.

Our Private Investigator Services are your results alternative...calls an Investigator today!

Our licensed Detective agency will confirm your doubts through video surveillance, record searches, background check or proof required at reasonable prices. More and more civilians, law firms – attorneys, corporations and detective agencies have turned to us as the trusted and leading private investigation agency. Our Detectives have an unwavering track record for Investigation and surveillance services.  Our PI company may also retail and rent GPS vehicle trackers and spy products at very low rates...Give our investigators a try …call us for information now ! Services provided in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, South Florida and nationwide through our affiliate Detective Agencies.




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Private Investigation Services, Private Investigations, Private Detective Agency