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Private Detective Services, Private Detectives, private investigation servicesHire Private Detective Services today. Our Detective Agency provides private investigation services, video surveillance services and due diligence investigations to private individuals, spouses, corporations, attorneys, and insurance companies. Our private investigators have been featured in many TV shows, radio shows and media appearances including ABC news, NBC, Telemundo, Mega TV and Power 96. Some of our most common Detective services include;    



Private Detective ServicesVideo Surveillance Services is one of the best Private Detective tools. Video Surveillance is a technique mastered by few private detective companies. When it comes to evidence a "picture says a thousand words". Our agency provides a detailed investigation report with date and time stamp of the spouses, employees, claimants or subjects activities. Our surveillance service may usually reveal information about a person that was previously not known such as their daily activities, who they meet with, lifestyle or whatever other fact you are looking to obtain . Our private investigators use several types of surveillance services during the course of investigation work including; Video footage , Physical Surveillance ,  Camera Surveillance, Mobile Surveillance , Remote Surveillance,  Physical Surveillance Services, Mobile Surveillance Services.

Video Surveillance Services are usually conducted for Infidelity investigations, insurance fraud investigations, personal injury investigations, employee investigations, theft investigations and more. Our private investigators will obtain discreet video proof using state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, surveillance equipment and miniature body worn hidden cameras, GPS Vehicle Trackers, night vision capable cameras, CCTV security systems and sophisticated surveillance techniques. Private Investigations may be conducted anywhere in the United States and nationwide through our network of affiliate detective agencies.



Verify your suspicions of a cheating spouse with our Infidelity Investigations. When you suspect your spouse or lover is unfaithful, you need to investigate marital infidelity. When you have signs of infidelity or adultery, you need to react fast and hire private detective services before the pain gets worst. Indeed, thinking your spouse is a cheating is very painful to a spouse. But not knowing for sure and having to live with doubts of infidelity is worst. Don’t be blinded by emotions. Let our marital detective services confirm the truth. Our PI’s use discreet investigation techniques, video surveillance , spy computer software, hidden cameras, GPS vehicle trackers and other surveillance equipment to investigate the cheater and determine if your significant other is cheating. A marital detective will investigate for domestic investigations , cohabitation, child custody and adultery. Our private eyes catch cheating husbands, cheating wives and unfaithful spouses to help you move forward with your marriage.


If needed our private investigator consultants may provide you with a detailed investigation report and a surveillance video documentation the proof of infidelity. Our investigators may also testify in court regarding the evidence or information obtained. Our private detectives conduct pre-marital investigations, marriage record searches, asset searches, due diligence and other nvestigations. Call our etective company today for free advice on matrimonial investigations, premarital investigations or infidelity cases.



Need to locate a person, find missing persons or locate a witness. Our detectives use efficient techniques, private investigation services and databases to quickly locate person online through our PI record search databases. Hire our investigations and find  witnesses, relatives, friends, dead-beat dads, spouses, high school sweethearts, claimants and other persons.



GPS Tracking Surveillance (GPS Vehicle Tracking) is one of our most requested services used to track children, track spouses, assets and employees online. Our Private Investigators GPS tracking devices and global positioning systems (GPS)  make it easier to watch and track a persons movements via he internet.

Our GPS Trackers and GPS Asset Tracking Products are easy to install. GPS Trackers are great too to catch a cheating spouse, monitor employees or track valuable packages. You may also monitor your children when they are way from home easily via the internet. If you suspect something is going on behind your back, it probably is and you need to investigate to get the proof. Our GPS trackers will help you obtain the proof. When a GPS tracker indicates that your suspect is at a suspicious place, you can send a private investigator in person to perform on-site investigation and document the evidence with video surveillance. Hire a GPS Surveillance, rent a GPS or buy a GPS vehicle tracker now and investigate marital infidelity – infidelity investigations, employee theft, childrens daily activity or secure high risk valuables being transported. Our detective agency can sell and rent passive trackers and real time tracking devices for the best location based services.

Click Here to see an online live demonstration of : GPS Vehicle Tracking



Our private detective services are performed by our licensed private detectives. Our private investigators have extensive experience in due diligence, court house research, criminal backgrounds searches, record searches and criminal record checks. Our detective agency can search for Criminal records for pre-employment investigations, employee background checks, premarital investigations, Pre-Employment screening, tenant investigations and other Civil or Criminal Background records or criminal histories. Specially tailored detective services and research through on-site courthouse research are useful to determine a persons character, status, employment status, reputation, civil history, criminal history or criminal records. Start a Background Investigation Free Consultation by using our online background check website to order database record checks or online back ground check web site sources.

Do you need an in-depth insight into any person’s prior history, back ground histories, hidden assets, misdemeanor or felony records, workers' compensation records or police records ? Order public records on people and investigate someone today.

Private Detective Services may also be used to find neighbors, find persons employers, find missing persons, locate witnesses, find persons home address or locate person online. All due diligence background searches and missing person locates is done by our in-house private detective consultants. Investigate your employee, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, business partner or any person

Before you order any free background check from the many free criminal background check sources online which sell records that are not our private detective service agency. Don’t waist your time to find free criminal records to get inaccurate data from online background investigation brokers or record search providers who are not private detective services or licensed private investigation companies.

Our Private Detective Agency assist private individuals, personal injury lawyers, workerscomp attorneys, family lawyers, private detective agencies and Florida law firms. Background Investigations are useful to find anything on anyone or search someone online .

Review our record search web site to order criminal background checks online for a person ?

Types for Background Investigation Searches and private detective services : Pre-Employment Screening, Business Backgrounds, Pre-Marital and Pre-Nuptial, Personal Back grounds, Mystery Shopping – Shoppers,  Courthouse backgrounds, Integrity Shopping, Tenant Screening Background and Free Public Records.  Detective services also include Litigation & Legal Support for attorney firms.

Our private detective agency also offers database record services and scan public data bases in efforts to obtain information on persons such as persons property ownership, marriage records, marriage histories, civil records, criminal records



Background searches, employee screenings and neighborhood investigations are conducted by licensed private investigators and detectives. Background searches are effective to screen employee applicants to determine their real profile, verify prior civil history and find criminal history, find driving records and more. Allow our investigators to investigate employees prior to hiring. A pre-employment release form is required for these searches.



Need detective services for child custody investigations for custody dispute cases ? Our private investigators and detective services offer child custody investigations and child custody detective services for spouses and child custody attorneys . Our licensed private investigators will discreetly follow your spouse or ex during their scheduled visitation and discreetly determine any improper or unlawful activity while your child is in their care. Private detectives can also follow your spouse on their own free time to determine the spouses lifestyle, living conditions, daily activities and investigate persons your spouse associates or meets with. Our Private Investigators may also investigate your spouse or ex by way of criminal background check to determine any prior criminal records, civil records, arrest history, bankruptcy records, judgements or other courthouse criminal records. Our undercover detective agency services will provide you an investigation report with video surveillance documentation which documents your spouses current activities and lifestyle.  A Private detective may testify on the findings of our child custody investigations in court.


Private investigators at our detective agency may obtain 35 mm pictures for scene documentation on insurance defense investigations such as personal injury claims, accident scenes, crime scenes, personal injuries, medical conditions, bodily injuries, property damage, workplace claim and more. Photography is also used for claimant or subject identification.




Be your own private detective...Monitor every activity, keystroke typed or word entered into a computer via your email from a distant computer including: monitor e-mails, monitor chat conversations, monitor instant messages, key strokes entered and monitor all computer activity. Be your own Private surveillance software is great to monitor your spouse, employees or children. This private detective tool is used prior to conducting a surveillance.  This discreet computer software is completely undetectable.



If you feel you are loosing inventory, cash, or products at your business? Suspecting employee internal theft is very common.  Our bilingual private detectives specialize in loss prevention , employee retail theft, and retail investigation services. Our private investigators may investigate undercover at the suspected workplace for a temporary period of time in efforts to uncover employee theft, Alcohol or Drug use and more. Hidden surveillance cameras may be installed in the suspected workplace areas. Our Loss Prevention Detective Agency may use body worn hidden cameras, Micro Digital Video Recorders or install covert surveillance cameras to obtain hidden video or record all activities of the subject or employee. This is useful so that our private detectives may determine your employees work performance or detect any unlawful activity. Loss Prevention Investigators at our detective agency are all experienced in courtroom testimony.


Private Detective Services are used for litigation support and other attorney services such as: Video Surveillance, Claims Investigations , workers Comp Investigations, Background Checks, Process Service, Accident Scene Investigations Jury Pool Backgrounds, Personal Contacts, Recorded Statements, Find Missing Persons, Witness Locates, Video Depositions, Witness Statements, Bail Bonding, Civil Records , Criminal History, Locate Lost Persons , Criminal Records , Public records, Insurance Claim fraud Investigations, Personal Injury investigations, witness Interviews & other detective services. Call our detective agency for information on our legal services for law firms.



A Private Detective from our investigative agency can investigate worker's compensation, auto liability claims investigations, bodily injury investigations, auto accident claims investigation, insurance fraud claims, slip and fall claims and medical malpractice claims. Our detectives specialized in personal injury investigations , and other insurance fraud claims investigations. Our PI’s assist insurance adjuster, self insurers, insurance companies, personal injury lawyers and work comp attorneys. Video Surveillance is usually conducted by private detective from our firm for trial evidence. In addition, our private detective services are effective for activity checks,  witness statements, recorded statements, claimant interviews and neighborhood investigations on your claimant to determine their daily activities, lifestyle thus verify fraud. Call today to speak with a private detective for info on our investigations services offered.


Accident scene investigators may provide on site accident Investigations and accident reconstructions for insurance companies and insurance defense lawyers. In this instance a licensed private detective will obtain recorded statement, video surveillance, scene photography, claimant recorded statement, interview witnesses, interview victims, neighbors, plus more.



Recorded or sworn statements or recorded interviews can be obtained by our private investigators. Our statements will cover or document the subjects’ personal history, lifestyle, daily activities and all circumstances pertinent to the investigation or case. Can also be obtained via phone when needed. Flat rates available in most areas. Call our private Detectives now.


Our nanny surveillance cameras are used by many parents from coast to coast. If you have doubts on your nanny or want to verify what your babysitter is up to while you are at work ? Need to check up on your son or daughter while you go away on your business trip ?  Or require temporary security video surveillance to deter vandalism or crime at work or office ?  Our CCTV Security systems are available and our installers may temporarily install hidden cameras at home or work. The video surveillance evidence obtained may also be used at court.  If  looking to buy a home hidden camera, nanny cam or covert surveillance camera, our detective store will have the covert solution.  Our private detective website and shop guarantees hi-tech surveillance products at low prices.



Detectives may obtain trash recovery of the subject's residence to obtain many facts that were not formerly known. Trash recovery services may be combined with video surveillance, hidden cameras and other investigative work to assist in your investigation.


Do you need to find the true father… Our investigators perform on-sight D.N.A testing and discreet Paternity testing when you have doubts of paternity and the DNA paternity results are returned fast. All DNA and paternity lab tests are performed by licensed experienced lab technicians. The DNA lab reports and results are backed up by expert witness testimony. Call our DNA testing center now.


Polygraph private investigators can administer polygraph services for criminal attorneys, personal injury attorneys, insurance defense lawyer,  workcomp attorneys, law enforcement agencies, divorce lawyers, private individuals and businesses. Call our detectives for information.



Our private investigation agency and process servers provide fast service of process for attorneys and law firms. Our process service company offers rush and special service, immediate status updates, immediate return of service and issuing & filling of process. Skip trace investigations are also available for hard to find defendants.



Our investigations services offer low profile Executive Protection , VIP protection, body guard services and protection for dignitaries, VIP’s, private individuals, celebrities. Our investigative agency offers escort services for special events, galas, conferences, executive meetings and more. Hire Body Guard Services, VIP personal protection or private event security today. Our security staff can be armed or unarmed as needed.




Have you been a victim of a crime? Do you require additional investigations conducted beyond the scope of Law enforcement ? Our detective services can help your case by providing recorded statements, crime scene photographs, contact witnesses, interview suspects, video surveillance, database record searches, national comprehensive report,  and other private investigation services.



Our bug detection services and electronic sweeps are offered to private citizens, private detectives, investigators, and corporations. Our private eyes at our Spy Shop offer bug sweeps to find hidden bugs, hidden microphones, covert wireless cameras, phone taps, GPS vehicle trackers and wiretaps may be detected within a home or office to detect eavesdropping. In addition, our private detectives may debug phone lines with special debugging equipment and bug detectors. If you feel you are a victim of eavesdropping, our detectives can investigate and detect eavesdropping devices and hidden surveillance cameras before it’s too late.


If you need to collect child support payments, a private detective from our agency can help you find deadbeat dad or mom with our skiptrace services. Our PI skiptracers will assist you to expedite your case by finding a deadbeat dad in a cost effective manner. Speak with an investigator for all our private investigation services.



Private investigators perform Special Assignments and under cover operations with specific instructions regarding the investigation requirements. Our agency is the trusted investigative firm delivering results like no other detective agencies can match. No job is too big or too small. Call our private detective company if the service required is not listed on our website. A private investigator consultant will discuss your private investigation service needs.

Hiring a Private investigator for investigation services is a very important step in resolving your case. Call our PI company and SpyShops today for advise.


Cities, our privat detective agency investigates and perform marital investigations Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Aventura , Bal Harbour , Bal Harbor, Boca Raton , Boynton Beach , Coconut Creek , Coconut Grove , Cooper city , Coral Gables , Coral Springs , Cutler Bay, Cutler Ridge , Dania, Davie , Deerfield Beach , Doral, Fort Lauderdale , Fort Myers , Fort Pierce , Hallandale Beach , Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Hollywood Florida, Homestead , Kendall , Key Biscayne , Key Largo , Key West , Lake Worth , Lauderdale-by-the-Sea , Lauderhill , LeHigh Acres, Margate , Medley, Miami Beach , Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes , Miami Springs , Miramar , North Bay Village , Parkland Fl, North Miami Beach , North Palm Beach , Opa Locka , South Florida , West Palm Beach , Pembroke Pines , Perrine , Pinecrest, Port Saint Lucie, South Miami , Miami Design District, Wynwood, South Beach , Sunny Isles Beach , Surfside , Weston, Wilton Manors, Tamarac, Florida City. Call today and find Florida Investigators or detectives for infidelity case and Due Diligence Investigations in your state or local area.
MARITAL DETECTIVE SERVICES and our Detective Agency provides Florida video surveillance, backgrounds, marital etective ervice, domestic nvestigations and private investigations service in Pompano ,Lighthouse point, Cape Coral, Carol City, Clearwater, Clermont, Clewiston, Delray Beach, Goulds, Green acres Hobe Sound Islamorada Jacksonville Florida, Jupiter Kissimmee Lakeland Lantana Lauderdale Lakes, Leisure City, Marathon Key Marco Island, Naples North Fort Myers. Hire Investigato services in Palm Beach Gardens, North Lauderdale Sarasota Oakland Park Orlando Palm Bay Tallahassee Pompano Beach Sunrise, Plantation Southwest Ranches, Parkland and Tampa Fl.
Other Cities, States & counties our marital detective agency & under-cover investigators provide Private Investigation Services , Pre marital Background Checks – CCTV Security cameras, GPS vehicle Tracking Products,  Surveillance Equipment Florida, Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale , West Palm Beach , NJ, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, NY, NYC, New York City, Chicago, Indiana, Indianapolis, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, NC, North Carolina, OH, OK, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, Arizona, Phoenix, Arkansas, California, LA, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Colorado, Connecticut , Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Georgia , Idaho, Illinois, Boston, Michigan, Detroit, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, NV, Nevada, NH, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin , US United States and nationwide. Contact our Florida Private investigater service company for information on cheating wifes and husband investigations.

Review our matrimonial infidelity website. Hire Private Investigators and investigation providers online. Our PI detective agency offers licensed private investigation and investigate people cheating through our affiliate detective in Puerto Rico, New York, Los Angeles, California, Dominica, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Antigua, Anguilla, Aruba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Belize and Mexico D.F… Find marital detectives and investigate cheating spouses. 

Client satisfaction is our "NUMBER ONE PRIORITY".

Our Private Detective Agency and staff of Private Investigators and PI affiliates nationwide are licensed and insured in their respective states to conduct undercover private investigation services and video surveillance.


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