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GPS Vehicle Trackers – Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking Products


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GPS Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the GPS t-Track GPS Vehicle Tracking Device ?

The GPS T-Track  is the smallest and most sophisticated self-contained real-time asset /person / vehicle tracking system currently available not sold by GPS Tracking companies.


What are some of the key features of the T-Track GPS Tracker ?

Miniature, completely self-contained GPS end-user device with no external connections or antennas.
Battery-powered GPS Vehicle tracker with up to 21 day battery life.
USA Street-Level Mapping Software
GPS Vehicle Tracker may operate up to 20 days (Depends greatly on vehicles activity)                                                         True Real Time Internet Based Vehicle tracking Compatible with Mac and PC Computers
Built-In GPS Tracking Receiver
Built-In Enhanced GPS/GSM/CDMA Antenna
Waterproof Magnetic-Mount Enclosure ( included on all GPS Vehicle Tracking products )
Motion-Activated GPS Tracker Products ( GPS Tracker receiver conserves battery power)
Easy-Installation under vehicle with included heavy duty magnetic steel casing
Multiple Vehicle Tracking Capability
Mapping Software Displays Street Level Detail & Time/Date
Tracking Reports Provide Street Detail, Speed, Time/Date, and Longitude/Latitude
Easy installation with no external wires or antennas Small size for discrete placement Durable, lightweight, and weather-resistant Enhanced GPS sensitivity 
Retrieve, file or print instant history reports of all your GPS tracked vehicles or persons locations.  Our cost saving auto alert feature lets you know when a vehicle or person has entered or exited a designated pre-determined area (geo-fence).


Is the GPS T-Track map and report information real-time?

Tracking is near real-time with our GPS vehicle Tracking Products.  The GPS T-Track unit transmits GPS position data to the GPS servers which in turn updates your tracking web pages.  GPS Tracking updates are transmitted at user-defined intervals.  This product provides timely location updates, while avoiding the data-overload problems that come with continuous position updates.  The GPS T-Track maps display asset position as updates are received.  You control settings for how often the maps update so depending on how frequently maps update and depending on when vehicle reports were last received, GPS location data can be virtually real-time (street addresses, vehicle speed, start/stop times, direction, and battery levels are reported).


What are the GPS Tracker costs?

GPS Vehicle Tracker Fee on sale now for only  $998.00

**One-Time Service Activation Fee of $88.00
**Monthly Web Access Fee of $49.00  for 800 monthly locates
or Unlimited Vehicle Locates for $79.00


Can I track multiple vehicles on one account?

Yes, the T-Track GPS Vehicle Tracker can be used for multiple tracking applications and you can track hundreads of vehicles online. Track vehicles online, track assets online, track people online and more by our online tracking products or devices.


How often does the GPS T-Track update its location?

The T-Track GPS Vehicle Tracker comes pre-programmed for 5 minute updates but can be changed by the user to an update schedule that meets your GPS Vehicle tracking needs.


Does this GPS Vehicle tracking unit work worldwide?

Yes, the T-Track GPS Vehicle Tracker can be used anywhere in the United States. Call us to check coverage for other locations.

How is the GPS T-Track powered?

This wireless GPS Tracker with the extended battery is battery-powered for up to 21 days.
The wireless GPS Tracker with the regular battery is powered for up to 10 Days.

How does the GPS T-Track work without an external antenna?

Unlike older GPS Vehicle Tracker devices that require an external antenna, the T-Track GPS Vehicle Tracker uses a super-sensitive internal GPS and GSM antenna that allows for enhanced reception (GPS) and transmission (GSM) capabilities.  A clear view of the sky is not needed allowing the T-Track GPS Tracker to be placed covertly.

How do I track my vehicle with the GPS Vehicle Tracker?

You will log into a secure GPS Tracking website with a login ID and a pass code.  All you need is an internet connection and a web browser for GPS Tracking.

What if I only log in every two weeks, will my data still be available?

Yes, the T-Track GPS Vehicle Tracker will store your data within the parameters you request.

How can the GPS T-Track be installed on a vehicle?

The T-Track GPS Tracker comes complete with a waterproof magnetic-mount enclosure -- Simply place the T-Track inside the enclosure for covert vehicle applications.

What are the benefits of GPS T-Track?

The GPS T-Track reports your vehicle location, speed and direction, and it employs motion-activated reporting which reduces power usage.  To accomplish these services inexpensively, the GPS T-Track employs its 24/7 automated response center to manage automated requests.

What coverage is available for the GPS Vehicle Tracker ?

GPS Vehicle Tracking Coverage is available anywhere in the USA.  For countries other than the USA call us to verify coverage.


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gps vehicle trackers, gps vehicle tracking, gps real time trackers